2011 U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan 9/11 Memorial Sculpture

Location: Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan

Dedication Date: March 11, 2011

Creator: Designed by an anonymous member of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Gift from Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to FBI Bagram, Afghanistan, located at U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

Medium: Metal (WTC fragment)

Description: Sculpture representing New York skyline, including Twin Towers, cut from World Trade Center metal fragment, accompanied by plaque, outside U.S. Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Text:  "A member of the Port Authority NY/NJ Police
Department cut this New York City Skyline from
the steel ruins of the World Trade Center.
This sculpture was made in Honor and Remembrance of all those killed on, and after, September 11, 2001. 
This sculpture is presented to FBI
Bagram, Afghanistan, in recognition of all
those who serve and sacrifice to
make the World a safer place."

Latitude & Longitude: 34.533205, 69.191102