Ringfinnan Garden of Remembrance

Location: Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

Dedication Date: March 10, 2002

Creator: Initiated by Kathleen Murphy, a New York City nurse who grew up in Kinsale, and located on her family's land in the townland of Ringfinnan

Medium: Stone, trees, metal

Description: The Remembrance Garden contains 343 trees, each tagged with a name, in honor of the Irish American Father Mychal Judge, Chaplain to the New York Fire Department, and the other 342 first responders of the FDNY who died while trying to save others after the attack on the World Trade Center. 


“We Will Never Forget
This Garden of Remembrance has been dedicated to the
Loving Memory of Fr. Michael Judge and the 343 Brave Firemen,
Who died so heroically in the line of duty at the Twin Towers Disaster
on September 11th 2001 in New York.”

Latitude & Longitude: 51.689285, -8.547927